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"Procrastination is a thief. It steals our time, our potential, our self-esteem, our peace of mind."

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*eats 1,000 oranges* its fruit i won’t gain weight

An orange is approximately 87 calories. If you were to eat 1,000 oranges that would be 87,000 calories.

its fruit i wont gain weight 

actually you won’t gain weight, bc they are just easily digestetd by your body which means, they leave the body after a few hours. (prove is me bc I’m vegan since 1 year and eat only fruits and vegs and still don’t gain any weight)

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I am mesmerized by boys who wear their hair in buns

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another amazing sunset. I gotta admit, I hate this town, but it has amazing sunsets.

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"If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal."

- Khleo Thomas  (via safeguards)

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